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A Day in the Life of a Typical Dentist

There are many things that could arouse in you an interest to know how a day in the life of a typical dentist is like. It could be, for instance, a situation where you are considering a career in dentistry, and where you are trying to get the tools with which you can visualize yourself in that role. Or it could be a situation where you have just befriended a dentist, and where you want to get an idea of what a day to day situation for a dentist is like, so that you can relate to him or her better. Or it could just be a case of idle curiosity (with which there is nothing wrong), where you have just become fascinated with dentists, and where you are now trying to understand how they live and work on a day to day basis medicare dental.

So, how is a day in the life of a dentist like?

Well, different people have different ways of living; so what we will proceed to describe is just a result of a visualization exercise, but one which would make sense when you consider the type of a person the typical dentist usually is.

Being a conscientious person that the typical dentist is, you will tend to find him or her awake at a reasonably early hour. In any case, most dentists are busy people, with appointments starting very early in the morning (sometimes as early as six in the morning), so it is in his or her best interests to wake up early. And furthermore, the dentist is the sort of a professional of whom people expect to see a very well groomed image, so he or she has to wake up in good time to be able to prepare and groom well for the day ahead.

Having woken up and groomed for the day, the typical dentist will tend to drive to his or her place of work. This is typically a clinic -though the setting differs: from where the clinic is part of a bigger hospital to the situation where the clinic is a stand-alone affair solely offering dental services. The first thing upon arrival, for the typical dentist, is to go through the diary in order to prepare for the appointments ahead. The dentist may catch a cup of coffee (of course with very little sugar) as he or she does this.

Then the patients start trickling in, and the dentist gets busy. The precise pieces of work to be done vary from grisly extractions, to painstaking drilling and filling operations to teeth cleaning operations as well as cosmetic operations such as teeth whitening, teeth realignment and teeth replacement. Children being brought for extraction of ‘milk teeth’ also take quite a bit of the dentist’s time. The dentist finds himself having to do a lot of counseling to some of the patients, as well as dishing out professional advice to those who need it (like those who are not taking proper care of their teeth). Some of the cases inevitably fall beyond the dentist’s domain of knowledge, so that making referrals becomes another important aspect of the dentist’s work. Often, patients will be send for dental x-rays and lab tests, and analyzing the results from these and giving the relevant advice are important aspects of the dentist’s work.