The Wonder and Beauty of a Flower Shop

Have you ever walked into a flower shop and saw all the visual beauties and the fragrant odors? Maybe the sound of water from a background fountain is nearby flower store. A flower shop can be an awesome place to spend your workday. Imagine the smell of a flower shop; the air thick with a mix of blooms, buds, and blossoms; it is unique, fresh, green aroma is unlike any other botanical scent! Everyone loves the smell of a flower shop. Although, do not get me wrong. It is not always serene beauty and nature sounds. The backroom can be a place or hectic and deadlines. Yet, this is what we want. This means business is “blooming”!

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing all the designs and accents in a floral shop. Dried flowers and all the subtle colors of purples, ivory, yellows, oranges, and reds are readily seen. The feelings that all the visual sights evoke can be calming. The fragrances all around; fresh fragrant flowers cinnamon, lavender, eucalyptus, and rose, are palpable. Stacks of baskets and green plants, gives us the feel of a country garden. You can find fluffy soft animals to cheer the sick. Then immediately we could turn and view desert cacti. Often there will be bath scents, including lotions and potions and soaps. As gift baskets, are a big part of a floral business, often there will be coffees, teas, cake and cookie mixes, and gourmet chocolates all around. Likewise, an entire selection of candles may be a gathering to the overall aroma.

Herbs are popular these days. Try picking up some oregano and basil for some homemade pasta. Leaves from a peppermint plant will spice up a hot cup of tea quite nicely. Take home a whole basket of herb plants for your kitchen. Pinch here and there for your cooking. Chives, sage, rosemary, and once again, basil, and oregano all would make perfect plants for a kitchen window sill.

What a vision and magnificence all these details bring to mind! Ever feel down and blue! Go visit your local florist. Take time to enjoy all the wonders before you. Buy a whole bouquet of flowers or just a single flower. Treat yourself! Take home a fragrant candle or a bit of the desert. Maybe even a stuffed animal with which to snuggle. Try some herb plants. Once again, just treat yourself. Maybe even take a friend. Get to know your local florist. They are a wealth of creativity. You deserve it.

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